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Endless Coffee Cup is a monthly discussion of marketing news, culture and media for our complex digital lifestyle. Hosted by Matt Bailey, President of SiteLogic Marketing.
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Sep 5, 2019

Influencer Marketing has heated up over the past years as one of the latest, shiniest objects in marketing. But does it deliver? Matt and Ashley delve into this topic and provide examples of influencer marketing done well and done poorly.

Cut past the hype and get information to help you make informed decisions about influencer marketing for your business. Don’t just jump on the influencer bandwagon before doing your research. Join Matt and Ashley as they discuss the highs, the lows, and the shameful side of influencer marketing.

Jul 9, 2019

By nature, the majority of business owners are not marketers. As such, many see taking time to think about marketing the same as going to the dentist. In a recent study, 86% of business owners prefer to spend their time on activities other than marketing!

Of course, marketing plans go out the window when stuff it’s the fan. As boxer Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.”  When things get tight, busy, or stressful, the plan goes out the window and people rely on their intuition.

Ashley Schweigert joins Matt to talk about the importance of planning your marketing. Matt & Ashley break down the most important elements of marketing and how business owners can approach marketing with the least amount of pain possible.

Apr 23, 2019

Google Ads dominates the paid search market, and offers a host of options to allow advertisers to pinpoint potential customer with amazing precision. However, too many times, business owners receive a free $50 coupon, only to lose a few hundred after they attempt a campaign.

Ashley Schweigert returns to talk through the many details of setting up a Google Ads account. From targeting keywords, understanding keyword match types, setting budgets and then dealing with the Quality Score. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to Google Ads, and Matt and Ashley attempt to help people navigate through the confusing layers of setting up a campaign.

Apr 9, 2019

How important is Accessibility in Digital Marketing? Honestly, most have never thought about that question, so you may not be alone.

Kim Krause-Berg joins Matt to talk about recent developments in Accessibility. First, companies that do not have accessible websites are being sued. Past court rulings put websites in the same class as a commercial business; they have to accommodate and provide for anyone to access their store just as much as their website.

Fortunately, accessibility is just good business practice. Why would you limit the people that would purchase or access your information? Many times, adding accessible features enhances the experience for all users.

However, for some, they choose not to invest in accessibility and take their chances. There is a sentiment that reprogramming a website for accessibility is a large expense that isn’t worth the effort. But, as Matt and Kim go through this conversation, they show that accessibility is a much larger issue than screen readers. Making a website or application accessible and easier to use is far-reaching and actually benefits more people in more ways than the intended target. 

Mar 5, 2019

Michael Stebbins, Chairman of OMCP, joins Matt to discuss the skills of the 21st Century Marketer.

Michael brings data from the 2019 OMCP Role Delineation Study conducted earlier this year, as well as interviews with hiring managers. Though the study is not published yet, the finding support the trends that Matt sees in the field: Soft Skills are increasingly in demand!


Feb 20, 2019

Longtime associate Ashley Schweigert joins Matt to talk SEO. Recently, Matt ran across a training video that claimed that SEO Best Practices have changed over the years, and he has some dispute with that claim.

Many people like to make the statement that the search engines are always changing, which is true. However, very few of those changes affect anyone who is actively marketing their website and publishing great content. Search engines want quality websites in their results, so creating quality websites and content will enable you to market without worrying about someday disappearing from Google's results.

Join Matt and Ashley as they discuss what HASN'T changed over the years in SEO!

Feb 6, 2019

Sue Grabowski joins Matt again as they discuss the dismal state of "making the pitch." 

When you send a LinkedIn request - are you taking the time to create a relationship or simply adding a connection?

Sue and Matt wonder if social media and networking technology has reduced the value - and the effort- of making a good pitch. Especially pitches made through Email and LinkedIn Requests.

Matt believes that the bar is so low right now that any personalization or research will pay off dividends. What would the business world look like if every pitch relied on research and personalization rather than default messages, cheesy LinkedIn pick-up lines or obvious mass connection requests?

Grab a cup of coffee and listen in as Matt and Sue cover the elements of making a great, prepared pitch.

Jan 15, 2019

Matt is joined by Stewart Bewley of Amplify. Stewart helps people to find their true voice.

Stewart talks about the power of speaking with “your true voice” and the confidence that it bring to you as the speaker. With non-verbal being the majority of how we communicate, it is so important to focus our expressions, bodies and intonation along with the content of what we are speaking.

Stewart end the podcast by walking us through his initial three step process for speaking: Posture, Breathing and Voice. I guarantee you’ll want to follow these steps as Stewart presents them, and see for yourself how effective it is!

Sep 20, 2018

Sue Grabowski joins Matt to discuss how to approach social media.

With all of the negative press about social media, trends and attitudes are changing quickly.  So, how can businesses react and approach this dynamic, yet volatile channel?

Facebook’s changes have exposed social media for what they are - ad platforms!  because they have to make money, their product is people. Of course, people’s data is a significant means to target - and get highly targeted!

Finally, how do you create a content strategy that incorporates these dynamic changes, but yet provides valuable information to your customers? 

Sue and Matt explore practical uses of social media and challenges to agencies providing social media services.

Aug 2, 2018

Matt and audience favorite Michael Stebbins get together and of course, talk training. The passion to train and help organizations is clear as they share their behind-the-scenes stories as trainers.

Get a few tricks of the trade and hear how trainers can be effective - beyond their material.  

Mike turns the tables about midway through and picks Matt’s brain, asking some very specific questions; How to train, what changes is he has made in his training sessions over the years and how he evaluates his audiences. 

Get an inside look into the mind of a digital marketing trainer, and how they communicate practical success to audiences and businesses. 


Jun 1, 2018

We go back to the subject of sport marketing, as Jim Kadlecek returns to join Matt in the studio to discuss disruption in sports.

Beyond the playing field, there are enormous events that are shifting the landscape of sport. The biggest is not only the rise of player and team analytics, but back office analytics as more teams and events move to electronic ticketing. With electronic ticketing comes mountains of data on live event attendance. Teams are working to sift through this data and find the trends they can use to marketing more effectively.

 In a surprising addition, Matt and Jim talk about the rise of e-sports and the NBA’s adoption of e-sports leagues. From gaming being a hobby, it has turned into a major industry with sell-out crowds and even a role in the upcoming Olympics!  


Apr 6, 2018

We’re back in the studio again after a short break!

Matt is lining up more guests and discussions about a wide range of topics, so subscribe now in order to get the next season of Endless Coffee Cup!

In this episode, Ben joins Matt again as they discuss something that is very dear to many of us - Music.

Ben’s background in sound engineering lends to the discussion of the quality of the music that we listen to. All joking aside, is today’s music different in sound quality?
How does “personalized” music affect how we enjoy music. Now that everyone has headphones, do we isolate ourselves even further by not sharing music? 
Also, how to we value music? Our value of music has changed as the medium of music has changed. From large vinyl records that were difficult to transport to CD’s, MP3’s and now streaming music services, music has become more portable, but less tangible. Because of that, our value of music and how much we are willing to pay has diminished as well.
Join Matt and Ben as they discuss the cultural aspects of music quality and how it affects our perceptions, behavior and sharing of that music. 
Nov 21, 2017

Matt and Ben read through the latest marketing headlines and discuss the reality behind the articles. They point out blatant contradictions from the same writers or publishers and guide you as to how to insulate yourself from over-hyped sensationalism. 

Oct 18, 2017

Kim and Matt continue the conversation from the last show, as they delve into further testing and usability concepts.

While the obstacles to good usability are well documented, Kim and Matt work through the common objections, difficulties and solutions. While suggesting testing plans and constant reviews, they maintain the focus on the bottom line of testing - improved business.  It all comes down to making your website easy to use. If it is easy, people will do more and your business will benefit.

Sit back and listen to the instruction, the advice and experiences of two people that have been in the website business for over 20 years - each! We’re sure that you’ll learn something that will benefit your business or that you can put into practice  - immediately!

Sep 20, 2017

In the second of four episodes featuring usability guru Kim Krause-Berg, Matt and Kim talk about the types of usability tests and what they are intended to show.

You'll hear about the power of a persona walk-thru, be introduced to "heuristics," and learn the value of a task-based test to evaluate your website. Of course, you'll also hear plenty of real-world examples as we go along.

Aug 24, 2017

Sometimes the simplest of changes can increase your website's effectiveness. Matt Bailey interviews Kim Krause-Berg in the latest installment of his Endless Coffee Cup podcast. Kim is a recognized industry expert on usability testing. In our conversation you'll hear dozens of ideas to improve your online business!

Aug 1, 2017

In this episode, Matt welcomes Jim Kadlecek to the show. Jim teaches Sports Marketing at Mount Union University and has been in the business of sports his entire career.

If you have ever been curious about sport is marketed off the field, then this show will be a treat! There is a significant difference in marketing a product that may do well, or may fail miserably. Sports is one of the only products that people are passionate about, regardless of the “success” of the product. So, how do you market a product like this?

Even more in-depth, Jim opens up the sports world and shows how the team operations and the profitability of a team comes down to the marketing of the franchise.  Even teams that don’t perform well on the field can be successful in reaching fans, selling seats and sponsorships.


Grab a cup of coffee and join Matt and Jim in this great discussion on Sports Marketing.


The coffee for this podcast is a Costa Rican Tarrazu

May 18, 2017
Matt welcomes Jason Bruckner, Social Media Manager at Sanctuary Marketing Group. Matt and Jason share about what makes a great Social Media Campaign.
Matt and Jason both share about campaigns they’ve worked on as well as campaigns that have their attention as an example of great execution. They talk about the common elements that come together to develop, define and execute a strategy.
They wrap up a discussion about how to working market in the Social Media world, offer different views of content as examples, and look to the future as to “what’s next." 
Mar 10, 2017

Michael Stebbins of joins Matt again to discuss business ideas, starting businesses and the entrepreneurial world. You'll hear helpful advice and steps to evaluating ideas throughout this podcast, along with a healthy dose of real-life stories and accounts from both Matt and Mike.

They cover a lot of ground - everything from how entrepreneurs seer the world, to deciding which ideas to groom. Of course, they cover marketing and how it affects their decisions and views of business opportunities.

Feb 15, 2017

Holiday Marketing Trends

After the billions of dollars spent each day in the 2016 Holiday season, what were the big winners and losers in terms of marketing? It may surprise you. Some older, channels have become incredibly reliable at producing an incredible ROI. Some new channels have not lived up to the promise.

In a different format, Matt provided a "single serving" of content, as he is busy working in the studio producing a new SEO course. In getting away from the busy-ness of the course, he sat down to give a wrap-up exclusively for his podcast subscribers.



Jan 20, 2017

In this conversation Michael and I dig into the competencies required for digital marketing. We discuss training practices, standards and core skills necessary for this industry.

How does one go about developing a standard competency for a young industry? Most of the digital marketing skills have between 15-5 years of accepted skills, and some have yet to be formalized. We discuss the importance of companies assessing employee skills and knowledge in order to enhance their teams and reach their marketing goals.

Michael brings up many of the methods of evaluating new hires and what hiring managers seek out in new employees. Have you ever wondered what hiring interview questions have to do with the job? You may surprised at how seemingly irrelevant questions provide insight to the character and thinking of a new hire.

Whether you are a hiring manager, marketing manager or looking to enhance your personal skills, this conversation will provide insight to the hiring process, knowledge assessments and more.

You can find out more about OMCP Certifications and Training programs at

Dec 8, 2016

This is the first of three podcasts with my friend Michael Stebbins, or "Silicon Valley Guy" as I tend to call him.  Mike and I go back many years in the digital marketing industry, and out paths converged years ago.  We both have a passion for teaching people, and Mike has pioneered multiple ways to do just that.

After his teaching company, MarketMotive, was acquired by SimpliLearn, Mike's new passion is developing a standardized certification for digital marketing competencies.  Mike walks us through the difficulties of creating standards for a young industry, especially one that tends to be seen as the "wild west."

You can find out more about OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) at The certification is being used for digital marketing curriculum at multiple universities, and multiple levels of certification is available for anyone who desires to take the test. In addition, many worldwide brands and Fortune 500 companies have hiring managers on the board off OMCP and consult on the training and certification standards.


Nov 1, 2016

My brother Ben joins me again to talk about analytics, testing and usability. I ask Ben to provide specific "where to start" advice for anyone wishing to improve their business through user experience.

We discuss analytics to start, but we move quickly into the areas of user testing. We talk about low-cost, highly efficient methods to improve the website experience, increase conversions and find problems. The point Ben makes is that most testing does not have to start with analytics, rather it should start by simply working through the website and discovering problems.

Of course, we relate plenty of our examples from working together and talk about how the simplest tests provided the greatest amount of results. Those companies didn't need data scientists or Big Data, rather they simply needed to see the experience from the user's point of view. Doing so, drastically increased their revenue.

Finally, we leave you with practical steps to take for testing your own business' website. Our infamous "Mom Test," task-based user testing and gathering data are explained for you.

As always - thank you so much for listening! Please drop is a line if you have found the podcast to be helpful, inspiring or if we have simply provided a bit of valuable info.





Oct 11, 2016

In this episode my brother, Ben Bailey, drops by and joins me in a conversation about analytics. Ben is a well-known analyst in his own right. He has consulted with some of the world's biggest brands, as well as with Analytics companies. And (as I tell people) he may be my brother, but he is the best analyst I've ever worked with.

The discussion centers around a recent eMarketer survey on measurement and cross-device attribution. This article exposes a dramatic disconnect between marketing priorities and capabilities of both very simple and very complex issues. From simple conversation tracking to complex multi-device matching.

Ben brings his perspectives on data, targeting and Google Analytics. Do you know how much information about you and your browsing behavior is available to companies? Beyond that, Ben informs us of other targeting data, of which you may not be aware, being used to personalize ads and website content specifically for you.

We discuss some of the limitations of Google Analytics, but also the benefits of this free service. Ben answers the question of how to know when you've "outgrown" Google Analytics as a service and need to upgrade to a paid analytics solution.

If you would like to know more about Ben, you can visit him at 2nd Beach Strategy.


Oct 4, 2016
So - What is Rhetoric?
You may have heard politicians dismiss each other’s ideas as “just rhetoric,” but do we really know what rhetoric is?
Sue joins me as we explore our rhetorical roots and survey Aristotle’s work. Written more than 2,000 years ago, his book provides a systemized development of persuasion and how to engage an audience.
Going back to our college days, we discuss how rhetoric is alive and well today, how it is used in business and politics and how to understand when it is being employed.
Dive in with us as we examine this great work and how it informs marketing and persuasion in today’s marketplace.
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